TheTwelve days of Christmas.

Two little Dicky Birds.

Walking through the Jungle.

Hot Cross Buns.

Ippy Dippy,Dation.

Five little Speckled Frogs.


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(Numbers Rhymes)

Music and Song

Alice the Camel.

Baa Baa black Sheep.

Counting Rhyme.

Five brown Eggs.

Five Currant Buns in a Bakers Shop.

Five fat Sausages.

Five green Bottles.

Five little Birds.

Five little Ducks.

Five little men in a Flying Saucer.

Five little Monkeys (i).

Five little Peas.

Five little Snowmen.

Five little Soldiers.

Five little Teddy Bears (1).

Five little Teddy Bears (2).

Five Rosy Apples.

Five sticky Lollipops.

Five Tubby Snowmen.

Four Christmas Stockings.

Hickory, Dickory, Dock.

Higglety, Pigletty.

Here we go Looby Loo.

Mary at the Kitchen Door.

Mince Pies.

One in the Car.

One Potato.

One, Two, Buckle my Shoe.

One, Two, Three, Four, Five.

One, Two, Three, Four.

Raise your Hands above your Head

One, Two, Three, here's little me.

Rocket Rhyme.


Show me five Fingers.

Tap, Tap, Tap.

Ten little Indians.

This Old Man.

Three Craws.

Zoom, Zoom, Zoom.

Six little Ducks.

As I was going to St Ives.

Five brown Teddies.

Five fat Jellyfish.

Five little Monkeys (2).

Look, look, look and see.

One for Sorrow.

One more river to cross.

The animals went in Two by Two.

The Ants go Marching.

Five boney skeletons.


Five little Firefighters.

When I was one.

Cluck, cluck, cluck, cluck.

Here is a Beehive.

One man went to mow.

Here is the Beehive.

Green grow the Rushes O (1).


Five little Astronauts.

Five in the Bed.

Ak, Dui, Tin, Chaar, Pach.

Five Little Dragons.



One Elephant went out to play.

One, two, three, O'Lairy.

Hands on Shoulders.