Thank you so much for visiting my website. I really am pleased you did.
My name is  Nicola Geier  and l am employed as a fully qualified NNEB
Nursery Nurse at  Southville  Infant and Nursery  School  in  Feltham,
England. I love my job and really do enjoy working with children.
I passed my Degree in Early Years in December 2007 and  took my
Bachelor of Arts exam in October 2008. (expect to get my results
on 12th December 2008).
Update:   Hoorah!! I passed my exam and now have a BA in Early Years!
Next year I will be taking my BA with Honours.
New Update:  I have now submitted my BA Honours Degree Project and
hope to get my results in December this year.
Next step -Teacher Training?.............maybe!.......if my Dad gets his way!

15th Dec 2009. Great news!  I have just passed my BA Honours Degree
in Early Years!  and I am so pleased about that!


My 'dmoz  approved'  site  has  been  designed to be safe and easy for
children  (and adults)  to use  on their own.  I hope  you will find  it very
enjoyable and easy to navigate.

This site is 'child safe' and except for my Guestbook (from,
is free from banners, drop downs, or any other form of advertising and
it will remain so.
Update 12 Oct 2012:
Due to increasing costs I regret that I  have now had little choice but to seek paid advertising on my site in an effort to keep it going, as otherwise, shutting it down was becoming a probability. I do apologise for this change
of heart.

The  website  provides a collection of  nursery rhymes, poems and songs,
some traditional and some modern. You can also print off related drawings for colouring in.

New items are being added on a  daily basis, so please do keep visiting to
see the progress being made.
Your  comments and  suggestions  about  this site would  be very much appreciated.


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